Thursday, February 01, 2007

Subbing - Bad Days

I have just come off of a couple of not so good days subbing and I am questioning whether I should continue doing it. It isn't that it was horrid, it wasn't, but I feel like it was a lot of hard work for not enough compensation. Kids aren't very respectful of subs. They weren't when I was a kid either. I remember stealing the shoe of one sub (who took them off when he sat at the teacher's desk) and passing it around the class until one kid finally put it outside the window on the roof next to the classroom. And that was more than 40 years ago. But the question is whether _I_ want to put up with it. Maybe, as my brother keeps insisting, I should get a "real" job. Too bad there aren't more half time jobs. I like working, but I also like to have time to myself.


  1. If the teacher's are not leaving good plans for their subs to implement, a complaint to the Principal is in order. If their plan is not enough, I suggest you arm yourself with back-up activities. Kids like to be challenged-they do nto really want the day off because their teacher is out. At least that is my experience! Good luck.

  2. In these cases, the plans were fine, it was the behavior of the kids that was annoying. I had another not so great day today. Teachers at this school have been instructed to take away all iPods and cell phones if they are visible in class. I confiscated two iPods and later, while I was writing the assignment on the board, the kids snuck over and took them back out of the teacher's desk.

    The reason I was writing the assignment on the board is that the teacher told me that most of the kids "forget" their books, so, instead of letting them go to their lockers, I was supposed to write all of the problems on the board. At least half of the class did not bring their books, at least one-third of the class had no pencil or paper either. The kids talk most of the class period unless I am completely grouchy and constantly get on their cases about talking while I am trying to teach. They don't even try to do the work. They figure they can always convince the teacher that the sub couldn't help them, so the day is a free day.

    Bottom line: I am not sure I agree with your comment that the kids like to be challenged. A lot of them just treat the sub like a target for amusement.