Friday, December 07, 2012

27 Rejections for One Job Application

I recently applied for a job and got the usual, "Thank you for your interest in applying to the XXXX School District, specifically the position of YYYY.  The District is fortunate to have many qualified applicants; regrettably you have not been selected for an interview at this time." and so forth.  Only, this time I got the email message 27 times.  I guess they REALLY didn't want to consider me for the position.  Nor 20 other applicants, whose complete names and email addresses were also included in the rejection note.  I hope someone is suitably embarrassed about the error and the breech of privacy.  They did apologize and they blamed it on the software the district was using.

Looking on the bright side, this is a new record for the most rejections I have ever gotten in a day - and this was for a single job application.

It looks as though I will never get a regular job in a school district around here.  I am simply too old (63) and too expensive.  I have two master's degrees and 199 hours beyond the second master's degree toward a Ph. D.   And, even though I have a perfect score on a relevant PRAXIS exam, 200 points, and a commendation from ETS for Excellence, I evidently am not good enough for the school districts that are close to me, as most of them do not even call me to interview. 

I guess it is fortunate that I actually find subbing interesting, even though it is exhausting and often extremely difficult.  I enjoy comparing school districts, schools, classrooms, teachers, curriculum, and above all students from different educational venues.  I just wish the pay rate wasn't such an insult - no person living alone could afford to be a substitute teacher - at least around here. 

And, 27 rejections is discouraging, even if I know it was a mistake - because they have been preceded by many other individual ones. 


  1. So sorry. This sounds incredibly frustrating.

  2. It is frustrating. I feel like I should have a lot to contribute to kids and their education, but I only get to do so in one day increments. I usually don't get to see the results of my work.

    Although, yesterday, I returned to a school where I had subbed a couple of weeks ago. I wrote then about a young boy who captured my attention and yesterday I got to see him again. His face lit up when he saw me. That helps make it worth it.