Saturday, February 02, 2013

Tugs at My Heart

I am not sure how to post this so that there is absolutely no chance that the person in question would find it and feel exposed.

I subbed for a class the other day that was working on persuasive writing.  They were supposed to write a persuasive essay about something they would really like to have from their parents.  As I was helping one student structure the essay, the only thing that s/he could think of that s/he wanted was for her family to spend more time together so that they would love each other more and not fight as much.  I almost cried as I worked with him/her.

And, the question came to me, how could I help this child?  I am a sub and I don't have any chance for long term input.  I told the teacher next door about the essay.  And I looked for a counselor (but didn't find one).  I wrote a note to the regular teacher, but, due to many factors, she probably won't be able to follow up on it much.

So, there is this post.  Please love your family.

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