Sunday, April 07, 2013

Half Day Subbing Jobs

It seems to me that half day subbing jobs getting to be more and more common.  My guess is that school districts are specifically scheduling their training sessions so that the regular teachers need to only take a half day to get their training.  That cuts down significantly on sub costs.  But it also means that subs are getting even less overall pay than the miniscule amount they were already earning.

Sub pay where I work is around $95 per day.  $95/day X 180 days = $17,100.  Subs don't generally work 180 days, so that amount is really a maximum.  If half of the jobs are changed to half day jobs, that cuts the potential pay for subs to $12,825.  Theoretically, one-half day plus one-half day would equal a full day, but in practice this is very difficult.  School schedules differ and there is time needed to drive from one location to another.  It is rare to find two jobs for one day, unless it is for a teacher who normally works for two different schools anyway. 

I don't blame schools for doing this, but it does make it harder to feel good about subbing.  And it is already a difficult choice. 

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