Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Temperature in Celsius

I have long thought that the United States should go metric, because it is a much more sensible system of measurement.  The metric system for lengths seems simple and easily understood.   A meter is quite tangible and centimeters also look familiar and comfortable.  I can even get used to grams and kilograms.  Grams are a bit too light to make complete sense, and the prefix kilo- makes it seem much heavier than it really is, but I can get used to that, too.  Liquid volumes have become more familiar, now that beverages often come in liter bottles.  I have had a harder time, though, with temperature.  So, I decided to make up a rhyme for myself to help me remember the approximate meanings of the different temperatures.  I wanted something relatively simple - possibly something I could use with kids.  Here is a poster with my first attempt.

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  1. If anyone uses this with kids, I would love to hear about it.