Tuesday, November 19, 2013

No Keys

Once again, I didn't get keys to the school room for the job I had today.  The room was unlocked when I got there, but when I needed to go to the bathroom at lunch time, I couldn't get into the teachers' rest rooms, since the doors were locked.  I tried to use the kids rest rooms, but there were only two stalls and both were busy.  So, I waited outside the adult rest room, until a kind teacher let me in.

I also had to escort the class I had just before lunch to the playground for their recess.  Since I didn't have a building key, I had to take the long way back to my classroom - and was a bit late getting to my next class, not to mention the fact that I had had to leave my purse in the room while I took the class to the playground.  I suppose I could have taken my purse with me, but it is awkward carrying your purse around, when no one else does.

And, finally, I was in a computer lab, into which you are not supposed to bring food or drink, but where else was I supposed to store or eat my lunch?  I suppose I could have taken my things to the teachers' lounge on the other side of the building, but I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving my purse there.

There is too much to do about the teaching part of the job to spend all my time worrying about petty things like rest room keys and where to put my lunch.


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