Friday, May 16, 2014

Not Job Seeking Any More

So, I have finally made the decision that I am not going to look for a full time teaching job any more.  I am too old and my knees are not up to a full time job.  So, healthwise, it is probably a good decision.

I think it is extremely unlikely that I would get hired anyway.  I have been applying for four years now in Colorado and have had fewer than a dozen interviews.  I have two masters' degrees, one in elementary education with a science and math focus, and one in computer science, with applications to biology.  I have 199 additional hours toward a Ph.D. in biochemistry.  I have many years of teaching experience, with students from pre-school through grad school.  I am simply too expensive.  No one wants to hire someone like me full time.  I cost too much for the questionable benefit.  I can still sub, since all they really want for that job is a warm body with a teaching certificate.

In addition, I am too outspoken.  I read a while back that many principals and other human resources people google potential candidates for jobs.  I have googled myself and it is not hard to find things that I have written that potential bosses would see as red flags.  For instance, I have frequently made statements against differentiation as a program option for gifted students (too difficult for teachers to consistently do at the right level and pace).  But differentiation is the current mantra for educators.  You are supposed to say that you can differentiate for all the kids in the class.  As a sub, I just don't see this at all, but I guess potential teachers are supposed to gush about how they developed this differentiated unit for kids and it was fabulous.  Maybe.  As I said, I don't see it in real classrooms.  Good units, yes; differentiated for gifted and learning disabled kids, not really.

So, I have a LOT of teaching materials that I would like to re-home.  Any ideas on where they could go?  I have a lovely set of Dienes blocks, made of wood.  I suppose I can just put them in garage sales, but it seems like a sad end to such high quality materials. 

And, a bit of a sad end to a teaching career. 


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