Thursday, February 19, 2015

Substitute Teaching or Working at Walmart?

With Walmart workers now making $10 an hour, will school districts need to raise substitute teachers' pay? 
Walmart: $10/hour * 8 hours/day = $80/day.
Sub pay: $95/day with no benefits and no guarantee of work and a maximum of 180 working days.

Advantages of working at Walmart:
1) steady work
2) regular workplace
3) some benefits

Disadvantages of working at Walmart:
1) physically difficult - on feet most of the day
2) not especially intellectually challenging
3) benefits are still minimal

Advantages of working as a Substitute Teacher:
1) interesting work
2) can choose to take days off
3) variety

Disadvantages of working as a Substitute Teacher:
1) anonymity - "Who are you today?"
2) no benefits
3) even if you work every single day, there is no way to earn even poverty level wages.  
$100/day * (max) 180 days/school year = (max) $18,000 per school year.  And just try finding a part time job for the days when there is no school.  

Disclaimer:  I am sure there are many more things to say about each job.  Many more.  

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