Monday, September 12, 2016

Too Sensitive? Not Angry Enough?

Too Sensitive?

It was just a short remark.  Hardly noticed in the stream of flotsam that comes across on the News Feed.  But you made me feel stupid.  Was it necessary to add that clever put down?  It has soured my day.

I wonder if I do that some times.  Probably.  I will have to be more careful.  I don't need to defend my cleverness as much as I need to re-inforce my kindness.

Not Angry Enough?

In your personal message to me, you asked me something totally inappropriate.  I ignored it and went on chatting as if you had said nothing.  But your remark made me feel unclean.  Should I have called you out on it?  Should I have cut you off immediately?  I didn't.  Does that make me complicit?

Maybe I need to do something else today.

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