Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Thief in the House

Much as it pains me to admit it, one of my adopted offspring has turned into an incorrigible thief.  It started relatively simply.  I was eating dinner and the phone rang.  I had to go into where my computer is to get some information and when I got back, the last bite of dinner was gone.  I thought at the time, I probably just mis-remembered how much there was left on my plate.

But no, bits of this and that started disappearing at more and more frequent intervals.  And it wasn't always food.  Books started going missing after I placed them next to the bed.  And strange things, too.  The fur I combed out of the long-haired cat's fur was missing from the wastebasket where I had placed it.  

And then one day, I caught him in the act - stealing toaster pancakes out of the toaster.  And I caught him red-handed - or rather orange-pawed.  Yes, the thief slunk off with a guilty, but satisfied look on his face.  And now, I had to face it, there was a thief in the house.  And he is cunning.  He climbed in the cabinet to steal a bag of catnip.  He climbed into the sink and stole a shrimp tail.  

I have found the book - shoved under the night stand along with a furry (fake) mouse.  The missing cat fur was evident when I heard a "hhhhhhhcach" followed by a gloppy mess.  But I still can't figure out where he put the bag of pecans.  

The thief is the one on the left. I suppose I could blame it on his genetics. He is, after all, a pound kitty. Or maybe it was his environment. Where did we go wrong??? And why is he looking so smug???

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