Saturday, March 27, 2010

Second Leg

Hanging out in LA now. LA has got to be the one of the worst organized airports I have been in. I came in on Alaska Airlines and there was no information on how to get to Qantas. I had to ask multiple times - then went to the wrong place first. Flights to Sydney and Melbourne are in a different building from my flight to Brisbane. Ugh. Even the humongous Dallas-Fort Worth beats this.

I got through the beginning of the story about Fantine - up until she is in the hospital dying and Javert tells about finding "Jean Valjean". I hate the part about Fantine's teeth. Isn't it odd that that seems so much more disgusting than the prostitution. I don't really think it is, though - I just think I am insensitive to prostitution, because it is a common problem, one that I can't think about all the time or I would feel bad constantly. Selling teeth is a novel ugliness.

I get to fly business class on the next leg - LAX to BNE.

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