Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I am very annoyed at a certain school district that is very near me. I took a job a couple of weeks ago, double checked and verified it, and even received a reminder about the job yesterday. I get to the school this morning and the teacher is there. She claims she cancelled the job yesterday, when the training was cancelled, but I received no notice of it. The principal offered to pay me for a half day and told me I could help out here and there with special ed and reading support. Those are two areas of work I don't especially enjoy and I think it is unfair to offer me a half day's pay for a day's work. So I came home. And I have lost a full day's pay. Oh, well, $90 doesn't go very far anyway. It is just all I get.

So, once again, I am reminded of how useless I feel - not even needed as a place holder.  Fortunately, I have had two other days this week with different school districts.  One was a very good day; one was an OK day. 

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  1. Update: I got called to go back to the same school on Friday for a different teacher. The people at the school were very nice. The teacher who messed up apologized to me and the secretary said several times that she was glad I had given them a second chance. So I am feeling a bit better about things.

    It was an OK day. The classes were more challenging than I expected, given that this is one of the top rated schools around here.