Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sub Pay, Yet Again

The class that I had today had 31 fourth graders.  31 is simply too many for me to deal with effectively.  There is no time to develop any sort of relationship with the kids.  On top of that, the two fourth grade classes mixed up the students for math classes and they traded groups entirely for social studies and technology.  So, there were 62 kid faces to deal with.  There were also a significant number of helpers.  Several parents, high school and middle school aides, and a sign language interpreter for the two girls who were deaf/hard of hearing.  I felt like I was behind all day - not quite ready for the next thing on the list.

Which is all not too unusual for subbing.  But one thing that really interested me was talking with the sign language interpreter.  She was actually not the regular interpreter for the two girls.  The regular interpreter was out of town, so this woman took the job for the time she was gone.  In other words, both of us were substitutes.  The difference:  she was paid $250 per day.  I get $94.50.  Yes, she has skills that I do not.  But it seems odd that a substitute teacher, who had responsibility for teaching more than 60 students should be paid THAT MUCH less than a sign language interpreter, responsible for 2 students.


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