Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Lost and Found

OK, so yesterday, I was in the library of the high school for a half day.  They told me I could put my purse in a cupboard in the work room, which I did.  I put my driving glasses on top of my purse.  But, when I got to my car at the end of the day, I had forgotten to get the glasses.  So, I returned to the library and checked the cupboard.  No glasses.  I looked around a bit more, as I was SURE I had the glasses when I got to the school.  Still, no glasses.  So I went home, resgined to the fact that I probably need to get my eyes checked again anyway and might need new glasses.  
But, then I got a sub call to go back to the same school the next day.  And it was math.  I generally like teaching math, even though this said "Basic Math".  Well, at least it would be easy (haha - see post below).  And, I could check again for my glasses.  Meanwhile, I checked the car seats, front, back, and under.  And lo, and behold, I found....
THE U-HAUL KEY that I had lost a full year ago, when we were moving from Alaska to Colorado.  The key that had caused me so much grief - from everyone teasing me about how I could possibly lose a key on a giant key chain, when we hadn't even gone anywhere yet.  I laughed about that most of the way to the school.
Then, while I was waiting for the secretary to check for sub plans, I went back to the library to check once more for the glasses.  Yay!  I found them on the floor, under the counter where the purse was stored.  $300 saved.  (although I probably still need to get my eyes checked)
But, at the end of the day, I left my emergency sub notebook in the teacher's room.  Sigh.  Found: 2; Lost: 1.
So, when I got a call this evening to return for the same teacher tomorrow and Friday, I took the job.  I am not particularly happy about no sub plans, but maybe I can get my notebook back.  
Is this a sign of old age???

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