Thursday, October 10, 2013

Job Switch

I really don't like it when schools switch jobs on me.  I understand why it is sometimes necessary - and I probably would do the same if I were in their position, but I don't have to like it, do I?

I got to the 5th grade job I took at a bilingual school today, expecting that 5th graders would be able to speak English well enough for the sub, since the job didn't say that Spanish was required. The first thing the secretary said is that I was switched to 1st grade. I don't do first grade, because the little kids wear me out. And, in this case, a lot of them don't speak English very well. I didn't dare refuse, though, because they really did need me, but there are times when I wish I could. 

And yes, they did wear me out.

The curious thing about it is that they said that there have been a number of days lately where they have not been able to get enough subs.  What is curious about that is that I frequently check the sub caller system for this district and I RARELY see any sub jobs advertised.  Now, it may be that I already have had a job for the particular days that they have lacked subs, but it still seems unusual that I so rarely see subs jobs available in this district.  I wonder if they don't show me the jobs for some categories, such as the primary grades or jobs that require Spanish fluency.  I guess it is worth checking.   

I checked and I am listed for 3rd through 5th grade jobs, but I have often taken jobs at the high school level, so I know that I am called for more than just 3rd through 5th grade jobs.  And I do occasionally see other jobs, so I know I am not seeing only 3rd through 5th grade job postings.  Still very weird.

And yet another "job switch".  In this case it was only minor.  The job was listed as 5th grade.  But it was really 4th grade.  This happens sometimes when a teacher, who used to teach X grade is switched to Y grade, often because of numbers.  I wish they would have the secretaries update the system with these changes.  The teachers never seem to remember to do it - or they don't know how.  

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