Thursday, October 17, 2013

Subbing - German - Day 2

Well, yesterday may not have been horrid, but today certainly was.  

I was hired to sub for the German classes. One of the 3 classes was great. The other two were horrid. 

The teacher will be a "floater" - no room of her own, so I had to go around to different rooms.  I followed a suggestion by the other German teacher and planned to have the students make posters of a family.  They could choose their own family or the Simpsons or even just make up a family.  They had to have at least 5 members in the family.  They had to label each of the members of the family and they had to draw arrows with the relationships between the family members.  (He is her father. She is his aunt. And so on)  All of the words they needed to use were either on the board (for rooms with no overhead projector) or projected from my plan.  The first class did the bare minimum of sloppy work.  Only a few really rude kids in this class - just passively non-compliant.  

The second German class was the saving grace of the whole day.  For some reason, the kids in this class actually seemed to want to learn and do a good job.  What a refreshing surprise!

Then, the next hour, which I was supposed to have free, they assigned me at the last minute to sub for a social studies teacher. They said that the lesson plan would be on the desk.  Nothing was there.  There were a couple of worksheets on a table, but there weren't enough of the one on top for the number of students in the class.  So I handed out the other one and told them to read it and highlight the important parts (as per what one student said they usually do).  I did try to discuss it after a sufficient amount of time, but no one in the class was paying attention. 

AND that "hour" was immediately followed by 30 minutes of "extensions", with the same class, for which there were also no instructions. I gave up and just let them talk, draw on the boards, and play with their ubiquitous electronics.   

The third German class was the worst.  37 registered students, about 7 of whom were absent (I guess I should be grateful).  The teacher in whose room I was for the last hour class asked the students specifically NOT to sit in her special chairs. They moved. But as soon as she left the room, one boy went back to the chair and refused to move when I asked him. I called the administration to come and remove him - and no one came. GRRRRRR!!!  And most of the students in the room refused to do ANYTHING.  No one answered questions; very few listened to what I said.  Some just wrote their names on other people's work.  Some just talked the entire time with their neighbors or on their phones. 

And this rant is the SHORT version of my complaints about the day.

Rude kids, unresponsive administration, unprepared teachers.

I don't care how badly they need a German sub. I am done with that school!  -- after tomorrow.  Unfortunately, I have to go back one more day.  UGH!

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