Wednesday, October 30, 2013

No Class Lists, Again

And AGAIN.  I know teachers do attendance on their computers, but subs can't do that.  It is very difficult to take attendance, if you don't have a list of the students' names.  This time - no homeroom list.  A list for literacy class (from the emergency folder), but no list for math class.  Two of the lists in the emergency folder were from last year. I wonder if the list of medical alerts was current.

Subs do not have time for chasing class lists and have very limited means for checking their accuracy.  PLEASE include them with your sub plans. 


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  1. And, AGAIN. This time, the secretary promised she would send some up to the room that I was in, in a few minutes. Only they didn't come. Luckily I found a seating chart and took attendance from that. When I sent the attendance down to the office on a sticky note, the secretary remembered that she needed to send the lists to me. So, I eventually got them, but it would have been difficult, if I hadn't found the seating chart.